42 Trader Coaching Solutions


Bespoke Coaching and Mentoring Solutions for Traders Serious about their Craft. We provide solutions for experienced professionals, Senior traders through to full time rookies

      • Performance Coaching
      • Trading Psychology
      • Analytical Reviews
      • Trader Routines
      • One on One Video Coaching Sessions
      • One on One Video Live Trading Sessions
      • Fixed Term Mentoring Arrangements



  • Additional Services to Offer

      • Trading performance analytics
      • Market analysis on Excel, Python and MATLAB
      • Comprehensive Back Testing on Python Framework
      • Systematic Trading Set up
      • Algo designing and systematic trading development process

  • Custom indicators in the following:

    • Ninja Traders
    • CQG
    • TradeStations
    • MT4
    • InvestorRT



I am fortunate enough to have Mark Gardner as my mentor for 2 years and without a doubt he has made me what I am today. Being a profitable trader over 15 years himself, Mark has tons of experience and wisdom. He has guided me through all spectrum of trading ranging from trading set ups, trading psychology, trading rationales, software utilisation and most importantly a systematic best practice methodology.

Tony Fang – Quant Trader

Mark’s mentoring saved my trading career. I was ready to give up but did some coaching with Mark and it completely turned my trading around, that was 4 years ago and I’ve been a successful full-time Trader to this day!

Michael Balk – Senior Proprietary Trader

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42 Trading Coach provides traders an opportunity to learn from an experienced, successful trader and trader mentor. Solutions are customised to the traders needs. From high performance coaching and trading psychology for experienced traders to written reviews of strategies, process and methodology or 1-1 video coaching and live trading sessions. Email coaching@42trading.com.au or the contact page … Continue reading Mentoring

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